MangaStream-Is It Dead? 25 Best Alternatives to Read Manga Online In 2020

by Bilal

With Mangastream shutdown, what are the best alternative websites to read your favorite manga comics? Mangastream was the most popular website for manga comic lovers to get the best and the latest manga comics.

However, it appears that it got shut down. This shutdown means that manga comic lovers will have to look for alternative websites to enjoy their favorite cartoons. So, what other alternatives are there? Don’t worry; we have you covered, just read on to discover the reason got shut down. We have also provided 25 excellent alternative websites to ensure that you continue to enjoy your leisure time with some of the trendiest and most recent manga.

25 Best Alternatives to Read Manga Online In 2020


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The website is quite similar to Mangastream. It, therefore, acts as a suitable replacement for it. You can get all the most recent manga cartoons on this website. The website carefully categorizes its manga comics into different genres. This feature makes searching for a specific title a lot more easier.

Users can also bookmark their best manga for easy access the next time they log on to the site. You would find the interface of this website quite simple and user-friendly. 

2. TenManga

manga stream

Another practical alternative to Mangastream is Tenmanga. While on this website, users can quickly get tons of latest manga comics to read. The provided search tab allows users to locate their favorite manga quickly. Tenmanga comes with a massive database that includes manga drawn from various genres. Users can use the “surprise” feature of this website to get an exciting manga content. The website is user-friendly and has no pop-up ads.

3. MangaReborn


If you immensely enjoyed Mangastream, then you shall find MangaReborn just as captivating. The website offers pretty fun stuff related to manga, comics, cartoons, anime, etc. The website is effortlessly navigable and comes with a friendly user-interface. To know about the manga’s recent events, head over to the news section of this website. Users may get asked to register on the website. The decent features of this beautiful alternative to Mangastrem are free, it does not have pop-ups, and can be accessed from any device.

4. MangaEden

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In terms of decent alternatives for Mangastream, Mangaeden comes next. While the website is a decent one, its genres are minimal. People get the most recent manga collection due to frequent updating of the website.

The website comes with an easily navigable interface. The website is usually free of charge; however, users might get told to register to access all the “goodies” of this website. Furthermore, the service can get accessed from any device.

5. MangaKakalot


Mangakakalot acts as a suitable replacement for Mangastream. This website is a standard website for manga content. It got designed to aid uninterrupted reading and enhance the general user experience.

Users get an excellent collection of manga comics. There is also an option for users to search for their preferred manga. Due to the simplicity of this website’s interface, it is safe to say that it is the most-child friendly substitute of Mangastream. The website seamlessly functions without any pop-up ads. It is free and accessible from any digital device.

6. Mangago

mangago, mangastreams

When shopping for replacements of Mangastream, the best alternative is Mangago. If you use the website’s beta version, you would appreciate the website’s pretty decent features.

The website has a balanced collection of manga comics such as One Piece, Astro boy, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and other exciting manga titles. Mangago is a website that has manga products for people from every age group. The user-interface appears user-friendly and straightforward.

In the websites particular feed area, users can get regular and relevant updates. Furthermore, as a user on the website, you can post your queries. There are no pop-up ads, and the site comes highly recommendable for people looking for a decent replacement for Mangastream.

7. Mangapark

mangapark, mangastream

This website is quite fascinating with simple features. It comes as another widely celebrated replacement for the now-defunct Mangastream. While here, users get offered the very best manga comic collections. Equipped with exciting features, users can either choose the dark or light mode.

Users may decide to bookmark their best manga, put off offensive adult content, the number of images allowed per page, a tool for zooming in pictures, and more tools found in the setting section. While users can access the website from any device, you get to use a cool interface without any complexities.

8. MangaHere


If you are looking for another decent replacement of Mangastream. MangaHere has a great collection of Manga comics in various genres, such as action, romance, supernatural, comedy, etc.

The database gets regularly updated with new content. Mangahere is a website that lures its users to it because of its alluring appearance. The site comes with a section for searching for your favorite titles and an area that will serve as an information and update center. Its user-friendly interface makes page navigation relatively easy. The site is devoid of apps which can affect your reading.

9. MangaOwl


Another excellent alternative to Mangastream is MangaOwl. The website has a fantastic database that contains all your favorite manga comic selection. There is no limit to the number of recently released you can find on this website because it is updated frequently. These updates make it possible for you to get recently released chapters. Due to the loads of manga comics on the site, it has a search tool that makes it possible for users to locate their favorite manga comics.

As usual, MangaOwl has a user-friendly and excellent interface. Users can share information with other co-readers through the discussion forum made available on the site.

Users enjoy MangaOwl because there are no pop-up ads that show up during the reading of comics. Manga enthusiasts can access MangaOwl free without charge on any digital device. The site offers readers about 53 different genres of Japanese-inspired manga comics to choose from.

10. MangaPanda

mangapanda, mangastream

MangaPanda counts as one of the ideal alternatives to Mangastream. It is a simple-to-navigate website that has a great collection of manga cartoons. These comics include manga titles which span various genres. Due to the competitive nature of the Manga comic market, MangaPanda often updates its collection regularly.

MangaPanda is a unique manga resource as users can watch both Chinese movies and anime too. The website, which draws its name from Panda – a common animal in most manga cartoons – is a useful resource for most Asian cartoons, comics, and anime.

The website is fully-equipped with a user-friendly interface to help users quickly access their favorite manga titles. While, MangaPanda has decent content, it is not for children due to the sensitive content.

Anyone can access MangaPanda from any device, and there is an app for it to give users a seamless user experience. While the site can get accessed without any fee, the frequent ad pop-ups are a significant spoiler.

11. Mangairo

mangairo, mangastream

Mangairo is one more option to read your favorite manga titles. Readers can find a nice collection of Japanese-inspired manga comics. You will easily find the newest comics as well as the popular ones.

The website also updates its manga comic collection regularly. All comic titles are grouped under relevant genres to make searching for your favorite manga comics a breeze.

Furthermore, users can read their favorite collection in different languages too. The site is an excellent replacement for Mangastream because it contains every trending manga comic series.

Users can efficiently work on the website because it is user-friendly—this feature makes reading the comics exciting and thrilling. The site is free of pesky ads, and users can access comics with a seamless experience and streamlined navigation.

12. Manganelo

manganelo, manga stream

One peculiar fact about Manganelo is that it is similar to Mangakakalot. Manganelo comes with a vast collection of Japanese-inspired manga comics. While here, users can enjoy the latest manga titles with sharp graphics and high-resolution images.

The comics are categorized into various genres to enable users to find their favorite titles easily. The website gets regularly updated with new manga titles as they become commercially available.

Just like Mangakakalot, Manganelo comes with a simple and straightforward user-interface that is free from trouble. No adverts pop up with this website; therefore, users will get a smooth reading experience each time they visit the website. Manganelo is available to be accessed on many digital platforms.

13. MangaReader


This website is a different alternative for people to read both new manga and old exciting titles. The website has a similar feel and appearance like MangaPanda.

Furthermore, just like MangaPanda, the site is a reliable depository for Japanese-inspired comics and colorful cartoons. With regularly updated definitive collection of Asian culture-influence comics, users have the luxury of watching their favorite anime collections.

The site is similar in terms of interface and catalog to MangaPanda. Additionally, the site is not suitable for kids due to some sensitive content in it. Users may not have a seamless user experience due to the number of ads that pop-up during reading. Then site also comes with an android app that is available on the Google Play Store. The site gets easily accessed through various devices.

14. KissManga

Mangastream may be shut down, but not the experience of reading our favorite manga comics. Websites like KissManga, a decent alternative for Mangastream, makes it possible for users to access their most loved Japanese-inspired comics online. While the website provides quality manga content, its collection is sadly limited. 

With regular updates, the website brings users the most recent chapters of their favorite manga titles. One great thing with KissManga is that it lets you know when new chapters get added to the collection. It boasts of a user-friendly and direct interface.

It also features crisp and clear manga graphics to spice up your general reding experience. KissManga is also suitable for kids as it comes with useful tools to ensure user-friendliness to children. No interruption during reading means that KissManga is devoid of pesky ads. Additionally, users can access the website from any device.

15. MangaTown


This is one of the most excellent alternatives to MangaStream. The website comes with a fantastic collection with Japanese-inspired comics. The website is well-organized and provides users with their favorite comic titles under various genres. Some of the website genres include romance, adventure, action, vampire, and so on.

Furthermore, users like MangaTown are a great alternative over Mangastream because they get notified of new releases. It also lets them know of current hits and has a tab that organizes all recently finished comics.

Moreover, users can follow the website on their social media channels – Twitter and Facebook – where users can go for useful updates. While the site’s interface comes off as slightly groovy, it is relatively easy to navigate.

It comes with useful tools that help you go back and forth at any time. What’s more? Users have the opportunity to share any comic with their friends or loved ones. The site provides an enjoyable and seamless reading experience due to the lack of pop-up ads. The website offers free manga content that is available from various digital devices.

16. AnimePlanet

animeplanet, manga anime

This great manga online resource is another source of some of the best manga titles. With regularly updated content, there are various collections of Japanese-styled comics for users to choose from. Furthermore, users can decide to watch their preferred anime shows on this website. The site comes off as a great source of anime and manga comics. 

For users to get a smooth and seamless experience, the website comes fully equipped with a direct and straightforward interface. It does not require signing up for users to watch their favorite anime shows or read their most loved manga titles.

The website has a team of dedicated workers that ensure only premium manga and anime titles get uploaded on the site to control the quality strictly. This quality control is why all contents on the site come with colorful, crispy, and high-definition images.

Users have the opportunity to access content on this site free of charge. What is better is that your reading experience goes uninterrupted because the pop-up adverts are absent on AnimePlanet. Users can give the website a try as it is available on several digital channels.

17. MangaDex


At this website, readers can get a decent quality collection of manga content. While it gets frequently updated, the website is regularly updated.

It also has an option for users to search for their preferred Manga titles. It comes with a friendly interface that promotes reading and easy web navigation. It does not come with pop-up ads. You can read your favorite manga content through MangaDex from any device.

18. Chia-Anime

With this MangaStream, fans of the famous Japanese cartoon series can watch anime and read any manga comic of their choice. In this site, you would find the latest manga collection. However, the collection appears limited.

Readers are also provided with a search bar to look for their preferred manga titles quickly. The site has a simple interface, provides free manga, accessible from all platforms, and has come with no pop-up ad.

19. Comixology, mangastream 2020

Comixology isn’t a traditional website dedicated to just manga comics alone. However, it is still an ideal alternative for Mangastream.

It is a digital and cloud-based website where all types of comics get found, including manga. With this site, users can buy, read, and browse through comics. It allows readers to customize their search preferences according to their favorite genre.

Comixology offers readers the chance to read clear and crispy manga comics. Due to the website’s features, it is known as one of the most excellent websites to access Manga comics.

20. Viz Media


Viz Media is an application that allows users to read their favorite manga comics without paying a dime. While this platform is both free for the iOS and Android platforms, readers will undoubtedly have to subscribe to the service to access manga comics on their PCs.

Furthermore, Viz Media is also famous for its extensive collection of Japanese stories and anime. Furthermore, manga readers can also get all their preferred manga titles by searching with the keyword. The app presents English translations of both anime and mangas. Viz Media is a one-stop-shop for various trendy manga titles.

21. Mangafreak, manga read online

Mangafreak is an excellent alternative to Mangastream. Here readers can get crispy straightforward manga comics for next to nothing. Though, the website could be relatively less famous; it has similar content to every other known website out there. The website comes with tons of manga comics across various genres.

22. Mangadoom


This is another common alternative to Mangastream. The website offers a range of exciting and exciting manga comics. Mangadoom is a top-rated site because users get to read and stream their favorite comics without any charge.

Furthermore, it has a complete range of the different genres and ranges of Japanese-inspired Manga. With this website, users can navigate among the chapters of the newly available manga comics. The comics are categorized based on their initial. This website has its functioning chat room for discussions and to share ideas. Furthermore, the latest chapters and series regularly gets uploaded on the website.

23. Read Comics online, read comics

This fantastic website is more than a replacement for Mangastream because it offers more than manga comics. When you visit Read comics online, you also get other comics such as DC Comics, Marvel comics, and other famous comics from the western world.

Genres are useful in the categorizing of each comic. The website comes with complete, user-friendly tools that allow the comics to get grouped specifically and subcategorized into different genres. This website is such an excellent resource for manga comics and all other comics.

24. Readmanga


The website is a natural replacement for Mangastream. It comes equipped with different manga comics genres, and these genres help in the categorization of the manga comics. The advanced search key allows users to search for specific manga contents.

Furthermore, Readmanga also has both Chinese Manhua and Korean Manhwa comics. The website frequently gets updated with more content to satisfy the appetite of manga enthusiasts. The site has a section called ‘Hot Manga,’ where users will get very popular manga titles. 

25. Comicwalker

comicwalker, mangastream

Readers looking for newly released manga comics can get them at Comic walker. Lovers of manga comics usually get manga updates if they sign up for comic walker’s notification feature. When it comes to security problems, there are no problems regarding the website.

Therefore, it is safe to say that comic walker is a relatively secure website compared to other websites. Due to the security level used to build the website’s algorithms, readers need not be afraid of getting attacked by malware or virus. A calendar feature allows readers to get a sneak preview of what Manga content they should expect next.

What is Mangastream?

Mangastream is quite a popular website where you can read some of the best and most current manga comics. Mangastream is the source of the best Japanese-inspired Manga comics. The website got established roughly ten years ago. Mangastream is very popular among its readers because it has an easy to use interface.

This interface makes reading very simple, fun, and uninterrupted. The website features various manga comics with crisp images and legible texts. The website also provides manga comics from a vast genre such as romance, science fiction, action, etc.

The website has simple commands that enable users to search for their preferred manga comics easily. Furthermore, the site provides top-notch manga content in various languages.

Is Mangastream down?

Mangastream is on shut down. Therefore, it is safe to say that the website got took down. The decision to take down the website was due to intellectual property infringements and the use of copyrighted material. This condition means that Mangastream is not the actual owner of the content that they put out. There were several lawsuits from the original owners of the manga content against the website to desist from giving out their free materials. As a responsible company, Mangastream wanted readers to access manga content from only authorized sources while allowing the original manga content creators to profit off their products.

What happened to Manga Stream?

Before it got took down, Mangastream used to be a Mecca of sorts to people who cannot resist manga contents. However, due to its high patronage, the website was forced to shut down. This shutdown was because Mangastream puts out manga contents like Naruto and One-piece to their visitors to read free of charge. This action is detrimental to the income of the original creators of such comics. By putting out their products for free, you make people get them without paying for them. The website got sued to court, where a decision to take it down got reached finally.

Why is Mangastream down?

Mangastream was voluntarily taken down by its owners to allow original owners of Manga content to make money off their effort.

What is One-piece MangaStream?

One-piece is a very famous series of Japanese-inspired Manga comics. The comic is featured heavily on the now-defunct Mangastream platform. Eiichiro Oda writes and illustrates the comic series all by himself. While one piece is a prevalent manga title available on most manga websites, it gets regularly featured in the Weekly Shueisha Magazine.

One-piece Mangastream was first published back in July 22nd, 1997. Ever since then, the intriguing storyline spiced up with clear and crisp images have attracted fans around the globe.

Due to its wide readership, One-piece is among the most popular and widely-read manga titles, up there with Naruto and others. One-piece comes with an exciting storyline. The story revolves around Monkey D. Luffy, who is a pirate. Luffy goes on a mission to find “one-piece,” which is a treasure. According to the serie’s storyline, if Luffy finds this treasure, he will become king of the pirates.

• The Social Accounts for MangaStream

Mangastream on Twitter

Mangastream has a twitter account. To follow Mangastream on twitter, click on this link.

Mangastream Facebook

Mangastream also has an account on Facebook. Click here to follow it.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I get my favorite Manga online?

Of course, you can read manga comics on the internet. Numerous manga sites offer manga comics in the form of digital eBooks, both legally and illegally.

What is the difference between Anime and Manga?

Most readers often confuse Manga from anime; however, they are similar in that they are both Japanese style comics. However, there is a distinct difference between both artworks. Manga are simple comic books, while anime is animations.

These animations get adapted from manga comics or any other type of comic. While anime can be colored animations, manga comics are typically in black and white. This color difference is because manga comics get published every week. Color production will involve too much money and time. Therefore, it is cheaper and faster to print in black and white.

Furthermore, to publish a manga comic, it takes just a few artists to create a manga comic. One artist (the mangaka) can also decide to illustrate and author a manga comic to get it published. The process of publishing the manga comic book is quite simple, fast, and straightforward.

Can you explain anime further?

Anime is a word that refers to every type of animation in Japan. It is similar to the way cartoon is referred to as in English. Anime is technically the name given to Japanese-styled animations.

Therefore, it is safe to say that any manga comic animation can be called an anime. Anime is a type of animation that features characters with visually unique features, such as most manga comics. One most popular feature of the anime is applying a limited movement style for its characters. Anime gets used mostly to tell complex stories and adult themes.

What happened to MangaStream?

Mangastream is no longer in existence because it is shutdown. The service got taken down because of copyright infringements involving its manga comics. Comics featured on the website do not belong to Mangastream. The comics they feature are from different sources. These owners took the operators of the website to court. This decision forced Mangastream to shut down permanently.

Is MangaStream Illegal?

With the way that it operates, it is evident that Mangastream is an illegal website. The website provides manga comics to its readers without permission to the people who created the content. Furthermore, mangastream presents these manga comics free of charge to users, further hurting the original content creators’ business. Therefore, it is safe to say that the website is illegal.

Is registration necessary to access manga sites?

To access content on most of these manga sites, users need not register. However, readers need to register since some of the manga sites send out useful and resourceful notifications to users from time to time.

Which are the most popular manga genres?

When it comes to manga genres, there are lots of it. There are standard genres, such as horror, adventure, thriller, romance, and so on. The most popular genres in Manga includes josei, shoujo, seinen, shonen, kodomo, and more.

What is Manga Plus?

Manga Plus is a tool that allows users to officially access and read manga comics on the now-defunct Manga stream. Manga Plus is available for free all over the world. With Manga Plus, users can read any manga comic on the internet. However, the thing about Manga Plus is that users cannot access it from South Korea, China, and Japan. This situation is because these countries are big markets for anime and manga cartoons, and therefore they are other available tools for reading manga comics in these countries.

How much money does Manga Stream make?

While the website provides manga comic contents without charge, the website was estimated to have made $36,433.

Did Manga Rock get shut down?

It is true that after years of offering quality content to its loyal reader base, Manga Rock is finally shutting down. Its app stores for the iOS and Android platforms got shut down recently. However, the good news here is that they are not closing up the business entirely. Reliable information indicates that the company is undergoing some rebranding. This process of rebranding means recreating a new platform from the start known as MR Comics.

Do These Sites Charge for The Content?

Yes, most manga websites regular fees usually per month for readers to access their favorite comics. This option is usually cheaper than the option to purchase a single manga comic for a higher price.

Is Taking the Subscription Necessary?

For readers to get full features and benefits of a particular platform, they must subscribe to these websites’ full services.

How to Stop Pop-up Ads on These Websites?

Stopping pop-up ads depends on the type of browser you have. If you have a google chrome browser, this gets done in just a few steps. Check your browser device and open up the chrome browser app. Go to the address bar, towards the right side, tap “More,” where you get to choose the “settings.” Then tap on “Site settings.” After this, select the option “Pop-ups and redirects.” You can then turn off the pop-up features by selecting the “off” option.

What is the Official MangaStream Twitter Handle?

The official handle of the Manga stream on twitter is @Mangastream. The account got started in July 2012.

Why is One-Piece Manga popular on MangaStream?

One thing that is quite particular about a One-piece manga comic is the story’s plot, which is relatively easy for readers to follow and understand. It also has excellent plot structures.

What are Popular Manga Comics on Manga Stream?

Manga stream featured some of the biggest manga comics when it was still fully functional. Some of the popular manga titles found on manga stream are Hellsing, Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, and Full Metal Alchemist. Other popular titles include Fruits Basket, Berserk, One Piece, Love Hina, Chobits, Dragon Ball, and Claymore.

Where can I read Manga legally?

There are several places where you can legally read manga comics. They are Shonen Jump, Comic walker, Book walker, Crunchy roll, Comixology unlimited/ComiXology, Manga Box, Viz media, Manga Club, Coolmic, eManga, J-Novel Club, Manga Plus, Mangamo, Manga Reborn, Manga Planet, and Romance Comics.

How do I download Manga?

There are various tools for downloading Manga online. One such tool is Manga Downloader. The tool is available as a freeware. It can either get used to download or read one’s favorite manga comics on the internet.

Furthermore, it is relatively easy to use Manga Downloader. It has a simple and straightforward process. All a user has to do is look for the title of a specific manga comic; when it shows up, they can either select this manga comic to download or read. Successive manga chapters can get queued up for reading by hitting the button to add this. As soon as every one of the chapters gets queued up for download, you can select the tap the download button.

Additionally, the downloader has smooth tools to help you read any manga comic. All you need do is to choose your preferred Manga and click on the cover of the manga title. The downloading tool will bring up all the chapters, names, and information through an automatic process.

Furthermore, the downloading tool allows users to add Mangas to a favorites list. All they need do id to click on the small star symbol located on the image’s cover. There are several benefits of this particular manga downloader. It allows users to download every one of their favorite manga comics from the internet. Users can also read their favorite Mangas, create a favorite list, search for titles among numerous mangas lists, etc.

What is the best free manga app?

The best manga app out there is VIZ Manga, which offers readers the opportunity to access the most recent and popular manga comics on a whim. The app has such manga classics like My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super, Vampire Knight, Naruto Next Generations, Tokyo Ghoul, and many more exciting titles.

Where can I download Manga for free?

There are both paid and free manga comic websites and platforms. The following manga sources offer manga comics for free download. They are MangaKaKalot, Kissmanga, My comic posts, Free Manga downloader, Mangafox, Manga Hub, Comic Extra, Manga Rock, Read comics online, Manga reader, Sen Manga, Manga Here,, Otaku Smash, Manga Dex, Book Walker, Manga Park, Manga Panda, Anime Nova, Manga Freak, Mangago, My reading manga, Manga Inn, and Manga Doom.

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


These are some critical facts on the sudden shutting down of mangastream and its best alternatives. While there are different replacements for the now-defunct platform, it got recommended that readers patronize the legal platforms to ensure that original creators of manga comics get their due income. The comic has numerous readers globally and has a thriving market in Asia and the middle east.

• Disclaimer

Readers will get an excellent experience when deciding to prevent advert pop-ups from showing up on their computers. This action will keep their systems safe from unnecessary virus attacks. Several techniques can turn pop-up ads from showing on your computer as you enjoy your manga comics.

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