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by Bilal

During these hard times when we are all confined to our houses and looking for different activities and hobbies to indulge ourselves into one of the things that comes to our mind every time we are bored is watching movies. However, it is certainly not easy to see all the latest movies in the Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, etc. for free. But don’t worry anymore Isaimini is there for your rescue. In these hard times Isamini brings you free downloads to all the latest hits. You can download movies from isaimini.

While we are staying safe at home we all are getting bored and we need some fun activities like watching movies. People in India enjoy going to movies a lot given their rich Bollywood culture and now pretty famous Tollywood culture as well. However, you can’t easily find Tamil movies for free. This is why Isaimini can help you download latest tamil movies without much hassle and for free. 

People in India are really crazed about their movies and due to the country wide lockdown by the government they can’t really enjoy their most favorite hobby. There are also people who can’t afford a Netflix account or other legal sites and often times even if these sites have latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies, they still lack Tamil movies. People of India are also really fond of their Tamil cinema and that is why Isaimini brought to you a site from where everyone can easily download latest tamil movies.

Isaimini is truly a great help for people who want to watch their favorite movies without any payments. We have all been there when we didn’t have money and wanted to do something but we couldn’t, isn’t it great that something like isaimini is available for such people?

Unlike other websites Isaimini is a faster site where there are more active users present all the time and you can easily download and watch movies. Often times in the case of other movies download sites we see that there are glitches and links of some of them often times won’t even work. But if you are downloading and using Isaimini you don’t have to worry about that.

The illegal downloads of movies increased because the price of the tickets for movies went up and not everyone has that kind of money or not everyone wants to spend their money that way. For many people watching movies is a secondary thing and so they don’t want to spend much.

People these days think why to spend so much money when they can just download HD quality movies for free. Also, there are not many Tamil movies download websites available like isaimini.

Sites like isaimini are usually band because of the piracy issues but no matter the bans and piracy issues isaimini sill manages to bring to its users the best quality latest movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, etc. and not only movies it has songs available to download as well.

Click on any AD, which you can see on this site to go on the “Isaimini” movie downloading site and wait for 30 seconds.

About Isaimini

Isaimini is a popular movie download from India but it isn’t a legal downloading website. It is like any other movie downloading website. The site has been banned and it is not legal but it is one of the most popular sites on the internet for downloading free movies especially Tamil movies.

India has a lot of other pirated websites for downloading movies but isaimini stands out because of its HD quality movie torrent availability and its huge library. First of all, all the latest hits from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Telgu cinema, etc. secondly, it has great quality.

Isaimini doesn’t only serves with movie downloads but it also has a lot of other stuff available for example, it has different famous TV shows, web shows, songs, etc. for you to download and even stream. The site is so famous in India and all around the world due to its vast content. If you are someone who doesn’t want to download movies on their computers or mobiles and just want t o stream on a site where it doesn’t take a lot of time for buffering then isaimini is your best option.

Isaimini is present for many years on the internet now and its popularity doesn’t seem to lower down since the beginning. If you look at it, the site grew over the years and it is still growing. A major reason for such growth is that it has content from so many languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telgu, Punjabi, etc. it has something available for everyone and that too for free.

Isaimini is also very famous because it uploads movies and shows right after they go on air or the very next day. The movies and series get uploaded as soon as possible and the print is at first theater which is then replaced by HQD quality later. This has enticed a lot of users all around the world from Singapore, Malaysia, etc. as well.

Not many sites have such fast service and even if they do upload the prints of movies and TV series, etc. in theater quality, they change it to HD quality too late. Often times the links from other website do not even work properly as they keep on crashing and many of the links when taken down are not uploaded again and again.

But if you are using isaimini you don’t have to care about this issue.

Good Things about Isaimini

There are a lot of good things to brag about this website. First of all isaimini presents its user to a lot of different and latest movies from different languages. Not only this, the site also has different formats available for you to download from. It also has links for download available in different qualities like in 360, 420, 780, 1080p.

If you are a movie-holic and you want to watch a lot of movies, however, you lack the space to download them then don’t worry anymore as isaimini has downloads of latest movies and TV shows available in 300 MBs available as well.

How Can You Safely Access Isaimini?

The website is pen about it not being legal and it has pirated content available on it. Living in India and using such sites can be dangerous for you as they are not safe at all. The laws in India against piracy are pretty strict and you may face punishments in such case. People from India must know that according to their Act 1957 all the copyrights of videos, music, songs, literary or artistic work of any type is protected. So, before you visit isaimini please do check your country’s laws and restrictions.

However, if you still wish to visit isaimini then there is a way and it is called VPN. VPN makes its safe for you to visit any website as it hides your IP Address.

Here is how you can easily and safely access Isaimini:

  1. The first thing to do is download a VPN on your system or mobile or whatever you are using for downloading movies through isaimini. This would remove the restriction from your device.
  2. Then you will have to open the downloaded VPN app and choose a country’s IP address where is unbanned.
  3. Lastly, you can access isaimini site after changing your IP address.

This is how easy it is to download VPN and use it to access millions of other website without being caught or anything. There are a lot of VPN apps available now and thousands of people are using these apps to visit different banned websites. People also find it safer to navigate the web using VPN because the thought of your network service provider and government officials knowing your searches and watch history can be terrifying for many.

Using VPN is really easy and why would anyone not choose a safer option? The web can be terrifying and intimidating if you are anxious about people knowing your activities. This is why the popularity of VPN is increasing day by day. As people keep on educating themselves over the internet it is best to choose and do the safest options available.


What types of movies are available on isaimini?

Isaimini has a large collection of different movies from different languages like hindi, telgu, Punjabi, English. You can either watch these movies online or download them for free. All these movies are available in HD quality and a fan of Tamil, English and Hindi cinema would highly appreciate this site.

What latest movies are available on the site?

The site always uploads all the latest movies as soon as possible in theatre print at first and then it is replaced with HD quality. Some of the movies that are now available include Baaghi 3, Trance, Draupathi, Forensic, Jaanu, Guilty, Gypsy, Shylock, 1917, Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, Angrezi medium, and many more.

Can I access the Isaimini site from India?

If you are living in India it is not a great option to visit or access isaimini as the site is illegal and banned by the government. By the law, downloading movies from such sites can be dangerous and may subject you to punishment as India has very strict laws against piracy.

Is there any way to access the website safely?

Yes, there is. If you want to access the website knowing that it is illegal you definitely can by downloading VPN. There are several VPN available for you to download. Using a VPN would hide your IP address and your IP address won’t be traceable. This means you can safely visit any site without anyone knowing.

What if I don’t like Isaimini site?

If you do not like the isaimini site you can still take advantage of the isaimini app and download movies from that. All you have to do is download the app and then search your favorite movie for download. The app also has all the latest content available in good quality.

How is the Isaimini App?

The app is very user friendly and according to many of these users it provides easy access and downloads for the latest hits in different languages. The app is just as great as the website and it has all the latest hits present over the homepage so people don’t have to look too much. All the other options are present where you can easily view them.

Which is the best website for downloading HD Tamil movies?

If you are looking for a website that provides easy access to all your favorite and latest Tamil movies then Isaimini is your best option. There are other websites available but the library and collection that isaimini has is incomparable and it has all the great stuff in HD quality.

Which is the best website to download Hollywood movies in HD?

Isaimini doesn’t only have great collection of Tamil movies but it also has a great collection of Hollywood movies. If you are a fan of Hollywood movies you would know that the latest hits are not available so easily for free. This is why you should head over to isaimini when you want HD quality download of Hollywood movies.

What are some alternatives that I can use?

Isaimini is the best of the best present which has great quality of movies, TV shows, web series and songs, etc. available. However, if you want to look at more of such sites for some reason then here they are: Movierulz, Todaypk, Moviesda, YTS (yify), 9xmovies, Jio rockers, Khatrimaza, etc.

What websites are legal alternatives of Isaimini?

If you do not want to go against the law and use pirated sites then there are a couple of legal alternatives present for you as well. These are a legal Isaimini alternative: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, PopCornFlix, Sony Liv, Hotstar, GoMovies, Movies4U, Yesmovies, Sony Crunch, Nitro, HDO, Ice movie, etc.

Is Isaimini legal?

. No, the site is not legal by any means if you are living in India. The country has strict laws against copyrighted and pirated content and isaimini is guilty of doing that. However, the state police or the government does not really take any serious offense to this subject matter and so you can visit the site if you want to. We bet you would have ever heard someone getting arrested because they downloaded or watched movies from a site that had pirated content.

Though, if you are really not comfortable using an illegal site then there are other options available for you as well like using legal alternatives or VPN apps.

What quality range is available in Isaimini?

The site is known for having HD quality content as soon as possible. It has Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tollywood, Punjabi, etc. movies available in different quality like 360, 420, 780, 1080, etc. so, you can choose from this range which ever you like.

The site also has different formats available and if you don’t have enough space in your mobile or computer to download the movies, don’t worry as isaimini has movies available only in 300 MBs as well or you can just stream them online.

What are some specifications of isaimini app?

The app is said to be user friendly as it has a good and engaging homepage. Some of the specifications of this app include: its file size which is 6.2 MB that you can easily make space for, it was last updated in the October of 2019, your system should have Android 4.0 or higher to support the app, there is no license required for this app and it is available in English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu languages.

Does isaimini only have movies for stream and download?

No, the site is not only famous for having latest movies but it is also really famous for having latest English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Punjabi movies, TV shows, web series, songs, music, etc. for downloading and streaming.

The site makes sure that it has something for everyone and so far it has proven itself right.


We highly recommend avoiding the use of such sites that are against India’s law for anti-piracy stuff. Directors, actors, producers, and hundreds of other crew and staff members working behind a movie are highly affected if a majority of their audience starts viewing their content illegally because they can’t make a profit out of it.

This way many young, new, and talented actors who are not yet very famous have to face major losses. Such sites should be banned forever but due to the use of VPNs and other smart technologies government or police can’t trace people behind these websites and apps. Being a true movie lover you should respect the cinema and the people working hard to put together high-quality content for the audience because then and only then can the cinema thrive and survive.

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