How to Check What Motherboard I have?

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A motherboard in a computer system is a core unit that provides the electrical associations by which different allocated components systems communicate. Sorting out the correct motherboard that your device has is something that users around the Globe typically search for. Since as to opening the whole casing of your Device which require an alternate range of abilities out and out as there are numerous wirings and association inside the case and it requires a skill set to play with. Along these lines to defeat such challenges in this article, we would recommend to you the most ideal techniques that would massively help you understand what motherboard your device has.


 The main obvious purpose for checking the exact motherboard your device possess is the Brand and the Model Number that your motherboard has. On the off chance that you need to fix or supplant the BIOS of your Device, checking the similarity of Hardware, searching for Motherboard substitution you should have the correct information in regards to motherboard model since in generally progressed and late advancements including the OEM PCs and Laptops it is fairly hard to check motherboard without opening the Entire instance of the Device.

How to Check What Motherboard I have? 5 How to Check What Motherboard I have?


  • Local Method
  • CPU-Z Utility Mainboard Tab
  • Command Prompt
  • Belarc Advisor
  • BIOS
  • Checking It Physically
  • Methods for LINUX


The most basic and the easiest way to look for the motherboard model is through accessing the system information of windows on your device. The system information can be easily accessed

  1.  By simply writing in the search bar as “ System Information”.
How to Check What Motherboard I have? 6 How to Check What Motherboard I have?

2. Also by Searching Run command and then searching msinfo32.exe form that runs dialogue box.

How to Check What Motherboard I have? 7 How to Check What Motherboard I have?

After doing this essential stuff now it is vital to go for the System Summary and it tends to be very conceivable by utilizing both of the above ways. In the system summary, you should look for the System model which can be found on that main page. Presently, you can see the specific model of a motherboard that your PC Possess which would incorporate the producer/manufacture name too.  

How to Check What Motherboard I have? 8 How to Check What Motherboard I have?


CPU-Z is a freeware that assembles data on a portion of the primary Devices of your System like

  • The name of the processor and the processor number including the cache level
  • The memory size and type of memory used including the SPD
  • The mainboard and the Chipset on the device
  • Processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels.
  • The Real-Time measurement of some of the other features as Internal Frequency and the Memory Frequency
How to Check What Motherboard I have? 9 How to Check What Motherboard I have?

How to Find Out What Motherboard I Have?

On the off chance that you are thinking that it’s exceptionally hard to check the motherboard model utilizing the System data then CPU-Z is the most ideal elective way. Using this, you can widely check equipment parts including the Motherboard.  This program can be installed easily it would entirely analyze the components.

To get further into the motherboard, you can without much of a stretch go towards the Mainboard Tab.


The other alternative method for checking the Motherboard model is the command Prompt for all those users who feel comfortable in running the commands since it is arguably the easiest method.

To do the above process, you must follow the following guidelines

  1. Simply go to the search bar and there you must type “cmd” and then just press the enter button from the Keyboard.
  2. In the Command Prompt, you just need to type in “WMIC” baseboard to get the product, manufacturer
  3. Your motherboard manufacturer and the model of the motherboard would be displayed

Note: This method would work only if you will follow the above instructions carefully.


This is another freeware you can download and run the framework check. It creates a website page when it finishes the Scan. From that website page, you can discover much more data than a portion of different instrumental tools out there. You can discover not just your motherboard model from the “Framework Model” area yet also a portion of the fascinating things you probably won’t know.  Belarc Advisor is another free program that gives a diagram of your PC’s equipment. The product is allowed to download from the Belarc Advisor site.


An advantage of Belarc is that doesn’t send your information to any web workers. Or maybe, when the investigation is finished, you will see the outline in a nearby document through your program. To check the sort of motherboard you have with Belarc Advisor, fire up the program.

The scanning of this System would start once you would download it as follows

How to Check What Motherboard I have? 10 How to Check What Motherboard I have?

Once the steps are completed after the time on Belarc, the software would automatically open a program within no time, The outcomes incorporate data about your working framework, equipment parts, associated Devices, and login meetings. In any case, to see your motherboard rundown, search for the heading on the correct that says Main Circuit Board.

How to Check What Motherboard I have? 10 How to Check What Motherboard I have?


51,826 Motherboard Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

If you can’t right now utilize programming to check your motherboard type, there’s consistently the choice to truly check it. You ought to pick this alternative if your PC won’t turn on or the motherboard isn’t at present introduced. It’s not the favored strategy if you have a PC since parts might be put before the motherboard itself. Practically all cutting edge motherboards have the model number silkscreened someplace on the board. Even though on some more seasoned motherboards this might be clouded by segments, requiring a touch of leg work. Then again, it could be imprinted on a piece of joined paper. You must not feel difficulty in searching for the Model since in most of the models it’s visible.

The motherboard model number can be easily found on the place where there is comparatively less place to write large texts. It can be majorly below the RAM slots available there between CPU and GPU since it can be a possibility that most of the brands might not follow the same methodology.


In case you do not have windows as the Operating systems and you have Linux instead you can Go through the following command

Ctrl + Alt + T

How to Check What Motherboard I have? 10 How to Check What Motherboard I have?

This will raise a rundown of your motherboard, including its image, model, and chronic number. If you are utilizing a virtual machine, the item name will distinguish this. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are running Ubuntu on your real PC, you will see your motherboard model and chronic number data.


To direct PC overhauls, it is important to sort out your PC motherboard model. The motherboard type influences new CPU installed items, BIOS overhauls, and goes about as a determinant of the most extreme measure of RAM that can be upheld by the motherboard. The above techniques are fundamental for distinguishing your PC motherboard, particularly before overhauling or introducing other equipment or hardware within your devices.


  1. Why motherboard model is important to us?

As a PC client sooner or later in processing life you should know the specific model of your motherboard, particularly on the off chance that you are needing updating your PC, since the model motherboard you have sets the redesign abilities of your PC. You may have utilized your PC for quite a long time without having any sign about your motherboard model. Becoming more acquainted with your motherboard model isn’t something you need to place in thought consistently so in this case, it is rather compulsory to check for a motherboard for the system improvement.

  • In which ways finding the Motherboard model is beneficial for us?
  • It would help us to change or repair the BIOS installed in our system
  • It would help you to install the best possible driver on the PC which can be video and audio cards installed on your devices.
  • If you want to purchase a brand new case for the CPU or a Brand new Motherboard itself or even a brand new computer.
  • Can we explore the Motherboard model on the MAC?

Apple can be very secretive and have some security restrictions with regards to giving out equipment detail data. To decide your motherboard’s model or chronic number, you’ll need to utilize the Mac rationale sheets. Be that as it may, to do this will require an iMac chronic number. You can discover the iMac chronic number through the About This Mac choice which is situated in the Apple symbol menu once clicked on any apple screen.

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