20 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites To Watch Sports Online Free (2020)

by Bilal

In our busy life, sitting in front of the television for hours and watching your favourite sports or shows is challenging as we remain outside most of the time. At times several weeks and months are scheduled outside tasks. In such a scenario going online from your Laptop, Mobile, or Tablet becomes the only option. We consider free sports streaming sites as our top priority. 

But we couldn’t find our desired website where we can explore and watch our favourite sports matches. In this article, we are discussing the 20 best free live sports streaming websites in 2020. Where you can land and experience a quality live stream or watch sports online free

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There are so many sports streaming websites available online, but every site is not trustable, so we need to be very cautious and careful while exploring different websites. While choosing a website, we need to consider Safety, Interface, Optimization, and Security factors. But don’t worry we have already done this hard work for you and all sites are working perfectly, completely free and safe. Here is a list of free sports streaming sites to watch live sports online for free. Let’s dive right in!

List of 20 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

1. WatchESPN

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If you are a sports fan, then you will know about Entertainment, and Sports Programming Network is popularly known as WatchESPN. It is a famous website based in the United States. ESPN broadcasts all popular sports such as Cricket, Football, WWE, Formula One, NBA, NHL, Hockey, Boxing and many more. It also covers global events like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Compatibility is one of the top features usually we are looking for in web suffering. According to a report, 24% of the top 1 million websites are not mobile-friendly or not compatible. It’s an edge when it comes to Watch ESPN; It is compatible with all your favorite devices: computer, tablet, smartphone, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

But here is the issue with Watch ESPN, this is not available in all the countries. But if you belong to those countries where it is working then it is the best site to stream sports, and if this isn’t working in your country so don’t worry, below I have mentioned more sites so you could go with those and alternatively, you could use VPN if you still want to visit on this site.

2. StreamSports.io

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StreamSports.io  is a free live streaming sports website that broadcasts all kinds of popular sports such as Cricket, Football, WWE, Formula One, NBA, NHL, Hockey, Boxing, and many more due to the busy routine.

Sometimes we won’t be able to watch the live streams, and we want a makeup plan to watch. Stream sports don’t just broadcast the live streaming of all sports matches but also make sure the availability of the highlights when the match is ended. Also, you could sign up to get notifications for streaming your favorite sports.

The hassle of registering or signing up doesn’t come into consideration while visiting stream sports; you can land on the website and experience your favorite live matches. It provides high-quality stream experience.

3. Sonyliv

sony liv

If you are a Television Viewer, you might have seen television of a sony brand. Sonyliv is also an official brand of Sony Pictures, and It is the best free live streaming website for sports lovers. Sonyliv broadcasts all kinds of popular sports such as Cricket, Football, WWE, NHL, Hockey, Boxing, Formula One, NBA, and many more. 

The user interface is considered a key factor while browsing and interacting with different websites. Sonlylive is very user friendly; it doesn’t confuse us. All menu options are easily accessible. You can get your favorite live steam in one click.

4. Fromhot.com

Fromhot is one of the leading free sports stream websites to watch all kinds of sports Online. Unlike other sports streaming sites, Fromhot is a spotless and elegant interface. It provides you, a unique experience while watching your favorite live stream match.

We often get frustrated while watching so many ads on any sports streaming sites. Companies want the rush of ads in useful traffic websites, but this site won’t harm you in this regard. Fromhot doesn’t contain any annoying ads.  

5. Streams Hunter

Streams hunter is also another free sports steam website that gives you access to watch your favorites sports like Basketball, Handball, Baseball, Hockey, Rugby, Moto, NFL, Tennis, Volleyball,,, Box, and Football. It works on link indexing.

Streams hunter might redirect you to a different link as ads are the primary source of the revenue for these kinds of free websites, so we don’t need to panic because we are watching it free and not spending anything. You can get your favourite live steam.

6. Stream2Watch


With the growing digital media, we prefer High Density (HD) stream. We are used to watching explicit and top quality content on television and other digital devices. In this context, stream2watch became our go-to choice. It is a free sports streaming website in 2020, which provides us with live HD streaming. It broadcast different sports like Football, WWE, NHL, Hockey, Boxing, Formula One, NBA, and many more.

If your a hardcore sports fan and residing in the UK, United States, Russia, Canada, Italy, Spain, and other European countries, your preferred choice should be stram2watch. You might see some multifunctional link, but thankfully there are not too many to get through. You can watch your favourite sports at any time.

7. SportLemon.tv


SportLemon is yet another top quality HD stream website. The user interface is considered a key factor while browsing and interacting with different websites. SportLemon has a spotless and elegant interface. You will get a unique experience while watching your favorite live stream match.

SportLemon broadcast almost all popular sports such as football, hockey basketball, tennis, boxing, baseball, and more. Slow loading remains a problem while exploring free sports streaming websites in 2020 as the number of users grown during the pandemic. But SportLemon is still a speedy loading and safe. You can watch your favorite sports live in sport lemon.

8. Laola1


Laola1 is considered as one of the biggest best free sports streaming websites worldwide. It broadcast different kind of sports such as Tennis, Football, handball, Ice Hockey, baseball, basketball, table tennis and many more. A list of other sports is shown on the website you can choose your favorite one. It gives you the HD user experience. 

Laola1 makes its agreements with some of the leading media industry giants, especially in sports broadcasters. They are to provide top quality lives stream interactive user experience. 

Compatability comes under consideration while choosing any free sports streaming websites in 2020. Laola1 is compatible with all your favorites devices such as computers, tablets, Android/IOS smartphones, and others.

9. Stream Woop

 Stram woop is free to live sports streaming website based on links indexing. It gathers a trustworthy live stream link and redirects the user to that particular platform. Stream Woop covers different sports such as Football, Cricket, Rugby, Football, F1, Kabaddi, and many more. 

We often consider which are different channels that are covered by the website. We don’t just want to live match action. We also remain interested in the live post-match expert opinion of our favorite analysts. Streamwood covers all such broadcast by channel BeIN Sport, BT Sport, ESPN sport, Fox sport, SKY Sport, and TSN.

Interacting and engaging are considered the top feature of the websites while choosing free live streaming. It will be something special if you get the opportunity to chat with your fellow viewers. Stream Woop provides you with this feature of a chatroom where you can share your views on the current situation of the match.

10. Boss cast

 If you are not satisfied so far from above mention websites, give the boss cast a try! This might ends your worry about finding a good streaming website. It is a free sports streaming website in 2020 that covers the broadcast such as Euro sport, ESPN, NBA TV, EURo Sport 2, TSN, etc. 

Interacting and engaging remains the top feature in sports streaming websiteHow would you feel if you will be able to interact with your fellow viewers? Great! Bosscast provides you with this feature of chat where you can share your views on the current situation of the match or can interact with your fellow viewers.

11. Cricfree

 If you are a sports or cricket lover and don’t want to miss your live match, you can browse Cricfee. It is a free sports streaming website that allows you to watch your favorite live sports matches. It covers the broadcast of sky sports1 and skysports2.

As for similarity with other site cricfree also based on links indexing, it gathers a trustworthy live stream link and redirects the user to that particular platform. It covers different broadcasts of live sports like badminton, cricket, tennis, soccer, racing, and badminton. It contains a complete list of 12 other sports; you can easily explore it and switch to your desire live stream.

12. Facebook Watch

The popular social media group Facebook always molds themselves according to the latest digital trends and user demands. It also addresses the user demand for free sports live streaming. Now you can enjoy your desire MLB game (one per week) every week without any cost.

The Facebook watch looks very much committed to their future projects, as it is interested in buying more live stream rights in upcoming years to meet user requirements. Facebook wants to cover big leagues in Indian as well. It will be massive development in the digital world as Facebook is one of the leading brands in the online world.

13. Footybite


Footybite is yet another free live sports streaming website that gives you access to watch different sports events live such as Football, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, Soccer, Racing, Badminton, and many more. You don’t need any paid account. Footybite covers other sports news, live score updates, and streaming.

The website interface is exquisite. Users can easily navigate through; all main links are accessible. Similar to other sites, it has different stream links in the left sidebar. It is a fast and secure website.

14. First Row Sports


 It is one of the well-known streaming websites that give you access to different sports such as Baseball, Basketball, WWE, Hockey, Golf, Rugby, and more. Its primary focus on the North American audience.

First Row Sports is a top-quality HD stram website. The user interface is considered a key factor while browsing and interacting with different websites. It has an excellent interface. You will get a unique experience while watching your desired live stream match.

15. Batmanstream


With millions of users, monthly Batmanstream is also one of the best free sports streaming websites. It broadcast different events like Football, Basketball, NFL, Handball, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Motorsports, and Volleyball.

It maintains a list for the user that includes 11 different sports live stream link. It has excellent up-time, despite massive requests it entertains users very well. Batmanstream updates content consistently. Different league competitions like Ligue 1, Bundesliga, FA Cup, La Liga, Serie A, Copa Brasil are easily searchable.

16. LiveTV


LiveTV is also a popularly known free live sports streaming website. It covers the broadcast of different sports like athletics, bandy, handball, winter sport, floorball, billiard, cycling, table tennis, greyhound racing, equestrianism, and combat. It also handles vast numbers of visitors up 25 million regularly.

With such encouraging numbers, it’s essential to maintain an exemplary user interface so that people can watch their desire live stream. So far, LiveTV has kept it very well. There are some different regions of people who have a foreign language. LiveTV provides accessibility in 5 other languages so that Users can get desire steam.

17. Vipebox

Vipebox is a rapidly growing website; it is approximately gaining 20% visitors every month. The reason behind the rapid growth is because the Vipebox user interface is unique and elegant. And it also provides support in seven different languages. It covers the broadcast of other sports such as F1, CAAB, Football, badminton, AFL, field hockey, Gaelic, and swimming.

Vipebox is a stable platform its been five years since they are bringing smiles on user’s faces. With the experience, they have gained over the years. Usually, we face interruption during the match, but there are no such things using vipebox. It provides you consistent live stream so that you can enjoy every moment of the match.

18. Myp2p


Myp2p was initially looked like a blog site. But with the growing digital world, they have updated themselves very well. Now the website is fully equipped and handling the user request of free live sports streaming very well. It covers the broadcasts of different sports such as Football, Cricket, Ice Hockey, UEFA, Champions League, Soccer, Tennis, and others. The page update rate is 5 minutes. 

Slow loading remains a problem while exploring free sports streaming websites in 2020 as the number of users grown during the pandemic. But Myp2p handles the crazy crawling issue. It is swift and efficient when it comes to handling user requests. Users can quickly get quick access. The user interface needs improvement; it looks outdated right now.

19. LiveScore


When it comes, the coverage to a wide range of events lives a score is a reasonable option as it covers the live scores and broadcast of different sports such as Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, and others. It a free platform, You don’t need any paid account. 

The user interface is like make or break for free live sports streaming websites. LiveScore gets a good reputation in this regard; its interface is very clear and elegant. After landing the site you can explore your relevant sports, Menu buttons are very clearly visible. The dark Color interface is eye-catching. 

In the menu bar, popular sports buttons are placed. You can click and get access to your desire to live sports stream. In the left sidebar, You will be able to get access to other news, events, and your country vice sports.

20. Hotstar


If you are a sports lover and want to see your favourite match, online Hotstar can be your go-to choice. Hotstar is a live streaming website that covers Cricket, Football, WWE, Formula One, NBA, NHL, Hockey, Boxing, and many more. As a subcontinent resident, you maybe know about this website. 

As a growing digital media, we prefer High Density (HD) stream. We are used to watching explicit and top quality content on Television and other digital devices. Hotstar is an entirely HD supported website. For free streaming, you must download the Hotstar mobile app. It is not just a live streaming website it also gives you access to watch the replay and match highlights as well. 

The user interface is considered an essential factor while browsing and interacting with different websites. Hotstar has a spotless and elegant interface. It offers a very simple video player that will give you live steam without any buffering. You will get a unique experience while watching your favorite live stream match. 


How can I watch sports streaming online?

It remains a challenging task, but you can visit the above mention websites. We have done deep research to find out the most relevant websites for you.

Why am I not getting access to some websites?

It happens because of tertiary restrictions. Some sites are limited to specific regions when you try to access them your, your request gets denied. Your service provider gets this information through IP address and GPS.

How do I solve the streaming website accessibility issues?

There are different ways to get access to your favourite website, but the most recommended is using a VPN connection while exploring. Suppose you don’t want a paid subscription. Different VPN software is available in the market you can explore them.

Should I purchase a paid subscription?

It depends on your requirements if you are interested in getting a lot of features and priority access you can think about. But above mention, websites are free. Yes, few are given with these kinds of features you can explore.

Can I share my credit or debit card information online?

Not recommended, If you are getting free sports streaming then why will you own these hassles. Many sites are been involve in online scams. They are stealing important information from the users and misuse it. So be careful while sharing any kind of data online.

Why do you need a VPN to stream Sports?

The VPN allows you to access geo-locked content that is not accessible in your area. It also helps you access when you want to approach certain content with privacy and security. However, you can access such content with the help of a VPN.

In the case of different platforms such as Stream2watch, Streamwoop, LiveTV, and ESPN, which stream sports make their content geo-locked. Therefore, you cannot access their content easily.

Moreover, the Stream2watch and Cricfree relay on the other party (known as a third-party service provider to stream sports). The addition of a third party might create privacy issues. To cover these two issues, the VPN ensure
• Security- secure your activities and hide your location.
• Privacy- obscure your IP address and hide your browsing activities.
• Access geo-locked content- changes your IP address and shows your device on the same location as of content.

Note: Many above mentioned websites are restricted in some countries so if you want to access any blocked sites or restricted content from any country with 100% safety, then you could purchase VPN. 

And in my suggestion if you are willing to purchase a VPN so you could go with PureVPN. This is is very cheapest VPN plugin; also, it is 100% safe and keep your data safe and protect you from malware or viruses.

PureVPN, vpn to stream sites

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So this article was supposed to help regarding choosing free live sports streaming websites. If you are still unable to access different websites than you need to use a VPN connection. Because some websites are restricted to specific areas or regions, in this case, Internet Service Providers (ISP) block the site outside the region. You must connect to your VPN connection to access these websites.

Additionally, while streaming any site if a pop-up opens and asks you to pay from your credit or debit card or buy a subscription, be cautious don’t share any requested information. These sites are free. We spend so much time to bring this information to you, so don’t get trapped. Hopefully, this is worth reading for you. Now you can switch to the website where you can enjoy your favorite live sports streaming.

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